This contract is a service contract for the purpose of hosting private event.


2.1 Easyflair is committed to complying with the venue regulations and the laws and regulations in force in the country.

2.2 The Contractor undertakes to carry out the tasks specified in Article 1 in accordance with the rules
and in the best way.

To this end, it will be necessary to create a team to elaborate the mission.

2.3 Our staff will arrive by default 1 hour before the start of your event to setup the equipment and service. If requested and with an additional cost, our staff can come earlier. In some cases, in addition to the extra cost we can charge a transport fee.


3.1 The client, who is solely responsible for the service he organizes, will be responsible for all declarations. The client must request and get the administrative authorizations before the event.

3.2 In case the customer does not choose the bar option with Easyflair, we understand that the customer will provide the suitable material (Bar 1m10 in height and 2m in length with 3 bins for ice and fruit and one or more shelves integrated into the bar).

3.3 For each bartender juggler, the customer must provide a location behind the bar 2m long and 1.5m deep.

3.4 The Easyflair bars are installed by the bartenders before they are setting up themselves (1 to 1.5 hours before the start of the event service). The bars are picked back when the bartenders leave (1 hour after the end of the service). An electrical connection must be provided at the bar itself. Should you want to have the bars installed well before or after the arrival of the bartender, an additional fee will be charged (minimum 150.-CHF vat no included).

3.5 For all Easyflair services, the customer must provide a parking space for one vehicle. The parking space should be as close as possible to the place of our intervention.

3.6 For all services that include a bar, the customer must provide 2 parking spaces next to each other. The spaces must be as close as possible from the site of our intervention.

3.7 The customer must imperatively use, within a radius of 3m around the bar, fireproof materials. The customer must also remove any objects likely to break or burn (Curtain, veil, mirror, status, work of art, showcase …). Otherwise, no legal action or compensation cannot be requested from Easyflair.

3.8 For all services at the party (more than 5 hours presence), you will be asked to provide a snack for each bartender.

3.9 The Show Easyflair is based on the background music we provide if you have a dj (Exhibition several elements like competition). If you haven’t got dj, only speed flair (service drink with juggle).

3.10 Activities Workshop & Master cocktails which take place in our partner restaurants we reserve the tables according to the number of participants in the activity which determines the number of people who must stay to eat.

3.11 If you want to extend or shift the service hours or Workshop / Master Cocktails, a supplement for staff and drinks realization might be requested. This is also the case if there are more of you than the number indicated in the estimate (*unlimited consumption version) you will be asked for a supplement in proportion to the number of people.

3.12 All photos or videos during our services must obtain our approval. For understandable reasons, the activities (Workshop / Master cocktails physical or virtual) we strictly prohibit the recording of videos.


4.1 To confirm the quote, kindly sign the quote and return it via the link at the bottom of your quotation “booking request”.


5.1 You may be charged for any cancellation of our services.
After confirmation of the quote -> 10% of the total amount.
Less than 1 month before the event -> 50% of the total amount.
Less than 15 days before the event -> 70% of the total amount.
Less than 1 week before the event -> 100% of the total amount.

For the COVID 19 situation, if your event cannot take place due to a “state restriction” that requires “canceling all events” you will be able to reschedule your event to the current year or the following year at the same or higher rate without any penalty. The invoice will be sent on the initial date and must be honored. This amount will be kept as a credit valid for an event on the same year or the following year. Of course, subject to our availability on that date.

For a request for postponement “without restriction of the state” and therefore at your request, 30% minimum penalty will be charged (according to the cancellation date) which will be paid before the new date. The initial invoice will have to be paid on the date initially planned. You will have a credit note corresponding to the initial amount of the service that you can use in the year or the following year.

All definitive cancellations from your part without postponement will generate penalty fees of minimum 30% (see conditions above).


6.1 For private customers or a foreign company:
– The payment must be in our bank account at least 30 days before the date of the event. After this time it might be possible to pay in cash on the day of your event upon arrival.

For a Swiss company:
– The payment must be in our bank account at least 30 days after the date of the event. It might be possible to pay in cash the day of your event.

6.2 Call-back charges (50.- CHF) may be charged for any late payment.

6.3 A 10% interest may be charged for any delay in payment (date of issue of invoice + 45 days)