Juggling Barman animation

The flair bartender animation: an original idea for your evening

The flair bartender animation: an original idea for your evening It is often difficult to find an animation that is out of the ordinary to ensure the atmosphere of an evening. Whether it’s a private party, a business night or a night out at home, there is no shortage of ideas. The one we offer you? An animation that combines tasting and show: the animation bartender juggler.

What does the show of a flair bartender look like?

The bartending flair (juggling with bottles) is an increasingly trendy animation. A discipline requiring years of experience, flair bartending consists of juggling cocktail accessories: bottles, shakers, glasses … while preparing cocktails. Cocktails that are just as good as if they had not been prepared in this way! Depending on the events and wishes of the customers, the juggling bartender may add effects (magic trick, pyrotechnic effects) during his performances.

This animation brings a real touch of originality to the service of drinks compared to a standard barman for the event. Customizable at will, it is suitable for all types of events, professional or private.

Why choose the flair bartender for the animation of my event?

During his show, the flair bartender is not limited to juggling, he prepares mostly cocktails that will serve your guests. So here you have a 2-in-1 service: the service of your drinks AND a show that marks the spirits. Time stops when guests begin to see stealing bottles and shakers. They approach the bar and enjoy the show. It is often one of the highlights of the evenings, during which a certain complicity between the bartender and the public is created.

Another advantage: the cocktail bar is installed quickly and does not take much space. So there is no need to provide a lot of space at the venue of your event. The fact that cocktails can be with or without alcohol allows everyone to enjoy the entertainment as it should.

Easyflair, specialist bartenders juggling in Geneva

We are a team of passionate juggling bartenders. Our experience allows us to ensure a controlled and personalized show, like the event of each of our customers.

Are you a professional ? We animate your evenings of product launch, inauguration, congress, seminar … We can also be present for your evening of company.

Are you an individual ? We move to ensure the atmosphere of your wedding, your wine of honor, theme party, birthday … At your home or in the place of your choice.

All services offered by Easyflair are customizable (cocktails with or without alcohol, furniture, decoration …). And all our cocktails are prepared with premium quality alcohols, or prestige, for the most demanding.

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