Bachelorette Party in Geneva

Bachelorette party: try the cocktail workshop!

Bachelor party: try the cocktail workshop!If there is one thing that all brides remember, it’s their bachelorette party. This evening completely out of time, surrounded by their friends, which take them from surprises to surprises. And if you surprised your future friend married with an animation that is out of the ordinary? Exit cooking classes or dance classes, we invite you to discover the cocktail workshop.

What does a cocktail party evening look like?

The cocktail workshop is the guarantee of an atmosphere of madness for an evening of bachelor party. With friends, you have fun creating your own cocktails, learning the basics of mixology. Mixo-what? Behind this strange term lies the art of mixing different drinks to get cocktails. You will put yourself in the skin of a queen of the cocktail and will learn to choose the right alcohols, good flavors and good dosages to create a new cocktail or more classic, according to your tastes. Long drink, short drink, with or without alcohol … The possibilities are endless. Between the hazardous dosages and the handling of the shaker and other cocktail accessories, laughter is guaranteed. As a bonus, the future bride will leave with cocktails recipes that will impress her future husband! The evening is supervised by a bartender professional mixologist who throughout the animation, gives valuable information and tips on the art of cocktails.

Once the cocktails are over, will come the most awaited moment: tasting! That’s when you’ll know if you’ve missed your vocation as a barwoman (or not).

The tasting can be accompanied by some sweet or savory tapas, it is ideal for a cocktail party or for an aperitif. Plan the cocktail course rather early in the evening, so do not spend your day under the effects of your cocktails …

An address in Geneva: Easyflair

We specialize in juggling barman services, tastings and cocktail workshops in Geneva and throughout French-speaking Switzerland for 10 years. The bachelor party, we know! We know how perfect these nights are. In addition to providing tapas options, we put at your disposal our network of partner restaurants, if you want to continue the evening around a good meal. We organize the cocktail workshops in the place

of your choice. It’s up to you. On our side, we take care of organizing an unforgettable evening for you and your friends.

We also offer to leave with souvenir photos and if you wish, it is even possible to install a photobooth (terminal selfie) so you can take pictures at will!

Do not hesitate to contact us to organize a memorable bachelor party.